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Derek Lambert

7 Things Discoverable During An Infrared Home Inspection

On the surface, a home can look like there is nothing wrong with it. However, when you dig a bit deeper, there can be all kinds of problems present that were not visible before. Unfortunately, this kind of in-depth inspection was once only possible by basically taking a home apart. But, these days, infrared (IR) technology allows an inspector to gain almost x-ray visi

Are You Setting Up Temporary Housing For Your Work Crew? 5 Benefits Of Adding An Exercise Skid Shack

Oil, gas and construction companies often need to create temporary bases where crews can stay to work on jobs in locations that may be far from their home. While providing temporary housing gives crew members easier access to the worksite, it does sometimes generate the problem of having a large number of people in one area who may lack things to do after the work day

Are You Interested In Playing In A Folk Band? 4 Things To Consider When You Select Your First Custom Made Bodhran Drum

The bodhran drum has long been a treasured part of traditional Irish music, and you might be able to pick out the sound of one if you listen to a folk band that has Celtic roots. Your decision to learn how to play this style of drum is one that allows you to tap into the artistry that people put into making this traditional instrument. On the surface, a bodhran drum l

Diesel Engine Oil Guide

Your choice of engine oil is important, especially when it comes to diesel vehicles. The standards that apply to gas engines may not apply to your diesel, and nowhere is this more obvious than with the engine oil. The following can help you better understand the oil needs of your vehicle. Does the type of diesel oil matter? Diesel oil is divided into two main types. T

Modern Features Of Pedestrian Crosswalk Systems

Protecting pedestrians in areas of high traffic is always a priority for business owners and entities in charge of overseeing highway and roadway development. While many locations are still using the basic crosswalk styles with markings on the road and maybe a small light, the modern crosswalk systems are far more complex and valuable for the modern pedestrian. Take a