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Five Things To Look For In The Right Office Space

Finding the perfect office will take time and patience. The following are a few key things to look for as you search for your business's new base of operations.

1. Location

For a client-facing business, it is vital that the business is located near your clients. On the other hand, a manufacturing business may not meet with clients, so proximity to your employee pool may be more important. If your business is the type that has a "district" in your town, then being in proximity to this district may be the most important location indicator. It's also important to consider zoning and municipal rules for any property you view since these can have an impact on your business.

2. Accessibility

For many businesses, particularly client-facing offices, obvious and simple to use accessibility is important. ADA rules govern office accessibility for disabled individuals, but what is easy access for an employee may be too challenging for a customer to deal with. For example, if your building is on the second floor and usually accessed by stairs, a hidden service elevator may be fine for an employee but not very obvious to a customer.

3. Infrastructure

Every space will be equipped differently. Unless you are willing to do major renovations, make sure the basic layout of the space will fit the needs of your office. Beyond the obvious placement of rooms and walls, also look at the technology infrastructure. For example, are there sufficient outlets in the locations that you will need them? If not, the cost of bringing in an electrician to update the space must be considered.

4. Adaptability

Chances are that you want your business to grow over time. For this reason, it can be wise to choose a space a little bit larger than what you currently need. Another option is to look in a building that will offer you the opportunity to lease more space as necessary. This way you can continue to grow your business without the need to move every few years. Not only will this save you money, but it will also help root your business's place in your community.

5. Amenities

Amenities can be especially helpful for smaller businesses. For example, many office buildings have board rooms, breakrooms, and possibly even employee perks like onsite gyms or cafes, which are open for all leaseholders in the building to use. This may enable you to rent and maintain less space for your own office operations, while also providing a more complete office with a few perks for staff.

Contact a real estate agent to find more information about offices for rent in your area.