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3 Advantages Of Working With A Horizontal Bender

Machining is at the heart of many industrial and manufacturing processes. Metal components of all shapes and sizes are manipulated using a variety of equipment during the machining process.

One valuable piece of equipment you may want to consider adding to your shop is a horizontal bender. A horizontal bender has the potential to enhance the quality and efficiency of any machining project you complete in the future.

1. Small Footprint

Space can be limited in smaller machine shops. This means that the equipment installed within these shops must be both powerful and compact. A horizontal bending machine ticks both boxes.

The compact design of a horizontal bender allows you to offer bending services to your customers while still retaining ample floor space to install other valuable pieces of equipment. The small footprint of a horizontal bender helps to make this machine attractive to machine shops of all sizes.

2. Incredible Accuracy

Another reason you may want to invest in a horizontal bending machine is the accuracy these machines offer.

Many machine shops are tasked with completing large production runs of a single component. The specifications and dimensions of each component must be exact to ensure they function properly in any end-product.

A press brake is manually controlled by an employee. This creates the opportunity for user error when creating bends. Horizontal benders can be programmed and left to function independently. The result is precise bends with a high level of accuracy and repeatability.

3. Increased Efficiency

The more efficient your machine shop becomes, the more profitable you will be over time. The addition of a horizontal bender to your shop floor can be a great way to increase efficiency. A horizontal bender only needs to be set up once to create multiple bends with a high level of accuracy.

Eliminating the setup time between each bend that is required when using a press brake can help your shop produce more bends each workday. It's more cost-effective to use a horizontal bending machine when compared with a press brake because of the greater efficiency these bending machines offer.

The success of your machine shop will depend on the equipment that you choose to install on your shop floor. A horizontal bending machine is a great option for any shop looking to complete accurate, efficient, and cost-effective bends as part of routine fabrication processes.

Consider adding a horizontal bender to your shop so you can reap the benefits these pieces of equipment have to offer.