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Flat Feet Causing You Pain? Head Over To An Orthotic Clinic To Get Custom Footwear

Are your feet flat? While many people have an arch on their feet, some people do not. It is a condition that you may have been born with or developed when you were still young, making it difficult for your feet to feel comfortable in different types of sneakers and shoes. If you have recently noticed that your feet are hurting much more often, you need to make an appointment to stop by an orthotic clinic. Instead of just wearing shoes that are specifically designed for those with arches, you should wear custom orthotics that will provide much more support for the heels of your feet.

Why Are Custom Orthotics a Good Choice for Flat Feet?

When your feet are flat, you are not getting arch support or heel support. You will eventually have a lot of pressure applied to your feet for that reason. The extra pressure can lead to serious pain and cause issues for you in the future. Those with flat feet might experience pain from standing, running, or participating in different physical activities. If you want your feet to feel good when you are walking or doing anything that involves being on them, you need to have much more support. When you go to an orthotic clinic and get custom footwear and insoles, you can make sure that anything you wear on your feet is giving you that essential support.

What Will Occur at the Clinic?

If you visit the orthotic clinic, a podiatrist can take a detailed look at your feet while listening to some of the issues you have experienced because of them. The podiatrist will work on making molds of your feet to put together some custom insoles and any footwear you might want to order from the clinic, including sneakers and sandals. You will have the option of ordering insoles to put in any shoes that you already own, ordering custom footwear, or ordering both to have even more footwear options to choose from. When your custom pieces are ready, the podiatrist will have you visit the office again, try them on, and make sure they do not need any adjusting. 

When flat feet are causing problems for you, there is a solution. You can get custom insoles and footwear designed by a podiatrist at the orthotic clinic. Wearing these custom pieces will give your feet the additional support they need while relieving the unnecessary pain that you were constantly experiencing. Visit an orthotic clinic near you to learn more.