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Are You Setting Up Temporary Housing For Your Work Crew? 5 Benefits Of Adding An Exercise Skid Shack

Oil, gas and construction companies often need to create temporary bases where crews can stay to work on jobs in locations that may be far from their home. While providing temporary housing gives crew members easier access to the worksite, it does sometimes generate the problem of having a large number of people in one area who may lack things to do after the work day is over. As you explore entertainment options near your temporary work base, consider these five benefits of adding an exercise skid shack rental to your plans.

Help Employees Burn Off Stress

Exercise is a major stress reliever that helps to calm anxieties and tension. After a long day at work, your team members might need a way to let go of any negative feelings that built up during the day. With exercise equipment nearby, they can quickly set to work burning off pent up emotions so that they are less likely to get into conflicts.

Reduce the Risk of On-the-Job Injuries

People who are fit are less likely to get hurt. Your crew may engage in physical labor for the majority of the day, but may work tasks depend upon only a select few muscle groups. This can lead to imbalances within the body. Setting up an exercise skid shack with various types of equipment helps your crew choose which areas to focus on. Building up less commonly used muscles can reduce the risk of strains and sprains.

Improve Productivity

A good workout also has the benefit of generating more energy. As your crew gets stronger and lets go of their stress, they'll be better prepared to focus on their work tasks. An exercise shack may also be an option for helping them keep their energy up during breaks or lags during their work day.

Encourage Healthier Lifestyle Choices

When people are bored or unhappy, they are more likely to turn to unhealthy habits such as drinking and smoking. Unfortunately, this can lead to problems at your housing and work site. When you plan the exercise skid shack rental, explore amenities that are available to make it more inviting to your crew. For instance, they might enjoy an air conditioned or heated unit that makes it easier to get motivated to exercise.

Show Appreciation for Hard Work

An exercise area is one of those amenities that people enjoy when they can't get to their regular gym. Having one on site helps with recruiting and retaining employees. When your work crew knows that your company cares enough about their health to provide an exercise space, they'll be more likely to return the gesture with hard work and loyalty.

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