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Ways To Make Your Office Workstation More Ergonomic

The more ergonomic your office workstation is, the better your body will feel after a full day at the workplace. Here are some simple ways to make your office workstation more ergonomic.

Get a Height-Adjustable Chair

If you don't already have a height-adjustable chair, this is one of the most significant changes you can make to your workstation. With a chair that you're able to raise and lower, you can alter the height of your desk surface, computer monitor, and actual chair as you need to. That can help put your arms, neck, and legs at better angles.

This isn't a comprehensive solution because a single chair isn't the most customizable option. What might be a good height for your neck may not be a suitable height for your arms. A chair will at least help you make some basic and general alterations, though.

Use a Desktop Computer or Separate Monitor

While laptops are convenient if you need a mobile work station, they aren't the most ergonomic in an office workstation setup. 

Instead of using a laptop for all of your work, get a desktop computer for your office workstation if you're able to. A desktop allows you to have a keyboard and a monitor at different heights, which lets you adjust your arms and neck to different angles.

If a desktop computer isn't available, the next best option is to use a second monitor in conjunction with a laptop. This solution eliminates the need to purchase a separate desktop computer, yet it still allows you to look at a monitor that can be placed higher up in your office workstation to adjust your neck angle so that your neck is more comfortable.

Find a Small Water Glass

Remaining hydrated throughout the day can help you remain energized and focused on the work at hand, and many people keep a water glass nearby. If you use a water glass, get a small glass that holds only a few ounces — maybe not even a full cup — of water. 

A small glass will force you to get up more frequently in order to refill the glass. This will increase the number of times you're moving throughout the day, and even minor movements, such as walking to a sink, can help improve your body's health. The movement increases circulation, which is an important aspect of ergonomics.

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