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Why Seniors Should Install Walk-In Tubs

To maintain one's health, personal hygiene, and overall quality of life, bathing is an important task that must be done regularly. Unfortunately, for individuals with mobility issues or disabilities or for senior citizens, taking care of themselves can be particularly challenging. If you or a loved one are facing difficulties with bathing at home, you may want to consider investing in the installation of a walk-in tub. Keep reading to learn why a walk-in tub can be beneficial.


When a walk-in tub is installed, seniors do not need to worry about having to step over the edge of the basin to get into the tub. This particular movement can be especially difficult for individuals who have problems with depth perception or balance or have arthritis. Walk-in bathtubs also help reduce the risk of individuals slipping and falling. For additional safety, non-slip mats and handrails can be installed.


Apart from the peace of mind that is added with having a safer bathroom environment, walk-in bathtubs can be much more comfortable for older individuals. Many of these tubs come equipped with seats that allow the individual to sit and relax while taking a bath, which often proves to be beneficial for those who have recommendations from their doctors to avoid standing for extended periods of time.


With mobility restrictions and illnesses, it can be particularly challenging for individuals to perform certain personal hygiene tasks like bathing. Some individuals may end up giving up completely because of the fear and pain associated with bathing in a typical bath environment. Thankfully, a walk-in tub can eliminate a lot of these worries and make it considerably more accessible for individuals to clean themselves safely and independently, which helps to improve their hygiene and overall health.


Depending on the make and model of walk-in tub, it may offer an additional element known as hydrotherapy, which will use jets to massage the body with water. Hydrotherapy can improve circulation, relieve aches and pains, and soothe sore muscles. The relaxation that you feel from the massage can also help reduce stress and anxiety and help individuals, particularly seniors, feel better physically and mentally.

Walk-in tubs can be particularly beneficial for elderly individuals and those who have mobility issues or disabilities, especially those who are looking to remain in their home and maintain a sense of independence while staying healthy. For more information about walk-in bathtubs, contact a contractor in your area.