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Tips For Taking Cannabis To A Music Festival

Cannabis has long been a fixture at many outdoor music festivals, even dating back to before the substance was legalized in several provinces. If you live in a province in which you can legally buy cannabis, you may wish to think about visiting your local dispensary, buying some of the substance, and taking it to an upcoming music festival. There's little disputing that cannabis can improve the experience, whether it's giving you a chance to hear the music in a different way or simply allowing you to mellow out and enjoy the day with your fellow music enthusiasts a little more than you might otherwise. Here are some tips for taking cannabis to a music festival.

Check On The Rules

Regardless of the legality of cannabis where you live, the music festival has the right to prohibit this substance from its grounds — just as many events prohibit the use of tobacco. Your first step in preparing to enjoy cannabis as a music festival is to confirm that you can do so. There are often different rules by which you must abide. For example, some festivals that allow cannabis will do so as long as you consume it in a designated area, much like smoking tobacco.

Determine Your Ideal Amount

You don't want to visit the music festival with a large amount of cannabis. Not only may the festival regulate how much individual people can take in with them, but you also want to control your intake. As a cannabis user, you should have an idea of how much cannabis is right for you. Too much, and you might get sleepy in a way that prevents you from enjoying the music to the desired level. Decide — through advance trial and error, if necessary — what the right amount will be for you so that you can pack accordingly.

Be Prepared To Share

Music festivals are typically events in which there's a lot of camaraderie, so you can expect that people will be friendly toward you. This is especially true if you have cannabis with you. If you plan to use cannabis at the festival, be prepared to share. In addition to the amount that you take for yourself, you may wish to take a little extra to share if you're the generous type. If you don't wish to share, your best approach is to use a cannabis product that doesn't attract attention. Instead of smoking a joint, for example, chew an edible.

To learn more about your options for using cannabis, contact a local dispensary and ask for their recommendations.