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Get Custom Water Bottle Labels Made to Enhance Your Marriage Proposal

If you're planning to propose to your significant other, you generally have two main tasks: choosing the ring and coming up with a creative proposal method. Should you already have the ring in your possession, it's time to think about how you wish to set up the proposal. Getting custom-made props can help to make the moment special, as well as show your significant other just how much you care. One option to consider is to find a company that prints custom-labeled water bottles. Here are some ways to pursue this idea.

A List of Shared Memories

Many people plan longer, more elaborate proposals, so think about having a number of custom water bottles produced. On one, provide information to the printing company that lists the memories that you've shared with your significant other. This could be a list of places — for example, the place where you met, the place where you took your first vacation together, and so on. This can be the first water bottle that you give your significant other, and he or she will appreciate the thoughtful idea — without necessarily realizing that a proposal is coming.

A Photo Collage

Another idea is to get a water bottle with a custom label that depicts a collage of photos of you and your significant other. You'll have fun going through your photos to find a series of images that tell your story together. You'll want photos from a variety of locations, if possible. For example, perhaps you have photos from when you dated in college, photos on vacation, selfies together, and more. Your company will arrange these photos in an eye-catching manner, making for another fun water bottle label design to share with your loved one in the lead-up to the actual proposal.

An Actual Proposal

When you get the above two water bottle labels made up, you can share them with your significant other in various ways. For example, if they visit you and get thirsty, you can offer one of the bottles. Of course, if you're actually planning to propose while using water bottle labels in a creative way, you'll want a water bottle label that has proposal-specific details. You might either have the label read, "Will you marry me?" or it could have a list of qualities of your significant other — which they can read before you get down on one knee to propose.

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